Малко театро в Народния театър - Будапеща

Спектакълът на Малко театро “Балкански синдром”

гостува в Националния театър в Будапеща

на 21 март от 19:30 часа в зала “Аттила Касаш”.

Представлението е на български език с унгарски субтитри.

70 минути без пауза

В ролите: Росица Спасова, Георги Спасов, Габриела Хаджикостова

Музиканти: Тибор Ейхингер, Аттила Шимон, Габор Вайс

Режисьор: Ищван Наги

Билети можете да закупите на касата на театъра или онлайн.

Цена на билета 2600 форинта


Malko Teatro was established in 1996 as an independent, alternative theatre company. Gabriella Hadzsikosztova and István C. Nagy, coming from the German Theatre and the Last Line, were eager to create a new theatre where they could work according to their own pace, taste and ethics.

Malko Teatro has consciously established a more reasonable theatrical alternative. As a result, it openly preserves both its artistic and structural independence. It boldly transgresses barriers of genre, language and form; it performs in Hungarian, Bulgarian and German.

Malko Teatro is an open space for dialogue between the arts, far exceeding the limits of Budapest. Its performances combine tradition and innovation, authentic music, jazz and contemporary dance, painting and new media, creating new forms and genres. It works almost exclusively with contemporary authors’ works, many of which are created especially for the theatre.

Malko Teatro is viewer-friendly. It owes its success at home and abroad to audience appreciation, even though it has never made any compromises in taste or quality; still, it considers direct dialogue with spectators essential. The company maintains a close relationship with several European theatres and festivals.

Malko Teatro (Budapest)
Artistic Director: Hadzsikosztova Gabriella

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